I get to work with the most adventurous couples ever! Started the shoot on the far east side of oahu, then ended up going far west side for sunset! Big props to Lauren & Mike for enduring the crazy heat! Those mcdonalds ice cream cones sure did help! Thank you Lauren & Mike for allowing me to capture the love you have for each other. You guys are awesome! Can’t wait for our next session! Coffee is on me next time!

      – Roy

      Lauren – “Mike and I have been together forever but rarely do we ever take photos together… and when we do they’re horrible selfies that are too close (pre-selfie stick), so shooting with Roy was a treat in itself! We weren’t sure what to expect – I’m absolutely bashful and Mike is definitely silly, so we were expecting wildcard photos. And it turns out, Roy really knows how to capture moments we didn’t even have to think about! Despite the heat and traffic, we were so comfortable that we were able to truly enjoy Roy’s artistic process and actually appreciate the beautiful scenery. Thank you, Roy!”

      Mike – “In the thirty years I have breathed air on this planet I have never done a professional photo shoot. I was anxious, excited knowing our wedding was soon and even more uneasy about capturing the most delicate and passionate pictures of Lauren and I. Within the first five minutes of discussing how the photographs would be taken and where we were heading, I knew the three of us, Roy, Lauren and myself, were going to enjoy each other’s presence, have meaningful conversations and most importantly connect on a level that transcends the obligatory professionalism that often entails with such activities. Roy made me feel comfortable in my own skin, confident and passionate. Every time Roy, reached for his other camera, which was strapped to his leather chest harness like a wild west gun slinger, I knew that every thought and feeling I was experiencing for Lauren at that moment was going to be encapsulated in a single shutter click for eternity. I can’t thank him enough for the time and effort he spent with us and undoubtedly being a kind hearted soul.”