Post Wedding FAQ

      How long is the session?
      The Post wedding session included in the package is a free 20-minute session. Time can be added at an additional cost.

      How far do you travel for the session?
      Most of my post wedding sessions happen near Waikiki/Kahala area. Please contact me for information on different locations.

      How do I secure my post wedding session?
      A date, time, and location must be confirmed 2 weeks before the session.

      Where do we meet?
      When we decide on a location, we will meet at the location at the time confirmed.

      Do we have to go in the water?
      It is not required, but most of my post wedding sessions happen in the water. If you’re not comfortable with being in the water, please let me know

      What if the weather is bad?
      If the conditions aren’t ideal, we will re-schedule the session depending on my availability.

      Do you have an Underwater housing?
      I sure do! :)

      Do you have a Drone? 

      Unfortunately, I do not have a drone for photos/video.

      How can I contact you if I have a questions?
      Please email me directly (at), or call/text me at 808-386-2213