“We were high school sweethearts from the very beginning & had been dating for three years when I left for college in New York City. Long distance has been quite the journey for us, but one that God has used to grow us both exponentially as we lived across the continent from each other. We only saw each other twice a year when I would go home to Hawaii for winter & summer vacations.”

      “On the winter break of my last year at NYU, I got on the plane at JFK for the usual 9.5-hour flight. I was anticipating that he would likely propose this time when I went home because we had been talking about a post-grad wedding for a couple years. I slept for the majority of the flight & even dreamt at one point that he proposed to me at the airport, but I said to myself when I woke up that he would NEVER do that.
      When my plane landed, I let him know that we had arrived & he said he would be waiting for me at baggage claim as usual. When I got there, it took me a while to spot him because it was quite crowded. And then I saw him. He was dressed impeccably well & had his guitar on. There was a mic stand & amp on the floor in front of him, along with a vase full of roses. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was about to happen, yet I was so surprised that he was doing it AT THE AIRPORT! I walked over slowly from behind & said “hi” with what felt like the silliest grin on my face. He looked startled but said “hi” back and before starting to play his guitar. He sang “Yellow” by Coldplay & we were both crying a lot.”

      “Getting proposed to is one of those things that I had thought about a lot while growing up, but when the actual event happens, it doesn’t feel real. It felt as if I was watching someone else getting engaged! It was a total out of body experience and I was rooted to the spot, wiping tears off my face & listening to him sing to me. This was the man that I’d been praying for my whole life, and it seemed too sweet to be true.”