“When you look at me, it’s the same smiling eyes from when we first met.
      It’s the kind I can’t live without.
      It’s where I feel most beautiful.
      It’s my morning, my night, and the best part of my day.
      It’s where I can trace the lines of our life long love letter.
      It’s where we can build a home, and a future we can finally call our own.
      It’s where I feel the promise of forever.
      My love, I promise to choose you everyday.
      I promise to be your best friend and partner in all of life’s adventures.
      And I promise that this new journey together, will be our greatest adventure yet.
      I lava you!” – Anne

      “My love, 4 years ago today, we took our relationship to the next level. Today, we will have the honor of taking it to the highest level. Our big day is finally here!
      You bring out the best in me.
      You always make me strive to be a better man, and I will never stop because you deserve nothing but the best.
      I promise to give you all of me.
      I promise to always respect you, protect you, and cherish you.
      I promise to always make you laugh even if it’s at my own expense.
      I can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives together!
      I love you forever.” – Bryan