“What I love most about her is her adventurous spirit. Brave, wild, and free. As I watched her descend the crumbling cliff side, I felt loved. She was risking everything, not for herself, but for us.” – Lloyd

      “I was in the middle of finals so he was in charge of everything, it was so last minute I doubted his choice. Fly? Hike? Camp? No matter how much I questioned him, he responded with a smile and said “Don’t worry baby.” He’s carefree and flexible, there’s no situation I haven’t seen him face and fail. He makes me crave adventures.” – Crystal

      “When we talked about our engagement shoot three things came to mind; we wanted it to capture the real us, we wanted it to be somewhere different and new. And somehow the word grandkids slipped into the conversation. We are our true selves when we are in nature. Our passion for each other is fueled by oceans, waterfalls, mountains and starry skies. The other important factor was leaving a legacy, something our grandkids and their kids could look at one day and be inspired to explore all of nature’s beauty. What better choice than Kauai?” – Crystal

      “At the end of the day, as we laid our heads down under the stars, I turned toward Crystal sleeping so peacefully and smiled. I couldn’t have imagined this spontaneous trip to go any smoother than the way it did. Everything fell into place, every leaf, every rock, every cloud. All my faith was placed on love, and it was magical. – Lloyd