After visiting Yosemite at the beginning of our road trip I get a comment on Facebook… “If you went to Yosemite and didn’t come visit us….we are gonna be mad!” – from the Awesome Lacks Family!

      I met the lacks 5 years ago while on tour with my old band Twentyfour64. They’re a super talented family band that can rock out! It was such a blessing to have met them! I didn’t know they lived in Greeley Hill near Yosemite, so I asked my friend Jon if he would be down to go again(of course he said yes! who wouldn’t?).

      Started the day exploring Sutro Baths, and of course getting our fix at Philz Coffee.

      4 Hours later we reach the beautiful Greeley Hill. I got to see the lacks family before we headed out to yosemite again. It was so awesome to see them! They were very welcoming, and even allowed us to stay the night in their RV! So awesome! I don’t know why but I love sleeping in RV’s. It’s so….Homey!

      After talking with the lacks family for a bit and dropping some of our bags in the RV, we hit the road again. This Yosemite visit was different…


      Yosemite is such a special place. It’s nice to be away from the city to enjoy God’s Creation. Thank you God for creating such a beautiful place!

      After yosemite we headed back to Greeley Hill. We spent sometime with the lacks family reminiscing on youtube, watching old tour videos. Those were seriously good times. Back then I had really long hair and a Lip Ring(haha). Those were my rocker days :p

      Thank you Scott(Dad) for letting us hear some of your new music!

      We ended the night with star shots up the mountain, and some fun with a flash light.

      A big thank you to the Lacks family! Thank you so much for allowing us to sleep in your RV! It was so so so awesome to see you guys!!! :)

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      Song | “Sisters” – The Lacks