Started the day with some amazing food from Bruxie, then SIX FLAGS!!!

      When I was in Intermediate, I ended up at six flags magic mountain. I hated roller coasters! I even cried when they forced me to get on(I ended up waiting on the side). A few years later, now I love roller coasters! I can’t get enough! On the other hand my friend Jon hates roller coasters… so I forced him to go on all the big rides with me! (Now he loves roller coasters too). This spring break they had some rides going backwards. Batman, Superman, and Colossus. My favorite was Superman! You go up the roller coaster backwards @ 100mph, then when you drop, you’re facing straight down!

      After six flags, we decided to get dinner at Claim Jumper. Jon received a gift card from his mom so we decided to eat pretty big! We both got steak! Then we got this dessert called “Chocolate Chip Calzone”. After stuffing ourselves we ended the night at LACMA.

      A big thank you to Mia & Renz for housing us! You guys are awesome! :)