It’s always awesome seeing my family in Oregon. They always take care of me and my friends! Thank you Margie + Cesar + Micah! :)

      If you haven’t noticed yet, I have ALOT of photos of my Nephew on my blog. He is so adorable! I don’t get to see him everyday so I try to take as much photos as I can. :)

      Road Trip Schedule:
      Portland to San Francisco, to Yosemite, to San Francisco, to Los Angeles, to Six Flags, to Anaheim, to Las Vegas, to Antelope Canyon, to Grand Canyon, to Las Vegas, to Anaheim, to San Francisco, to Greeley Hill, to Yosemite(again), to Greeley Hill, to San Francisco, to Portland.

      Here we go! Portland to San Francisco – 12 Hour Drive w/ stops.