I remember seeing photos of this bridge and thought to myself, “I have to go here one day”. Couple months later, here I am visiting Washington again! Thank you Jon for driving us(4 hour round trip) to this wonderful location! Even though it was raining and my camera, shoes, pants, shirt, and jacket(which i thought was waterproof) got wet, It was Beautiful. I’m afraid of heights(but I love roller coasters) so it took me a while to get close(kinda) to the middle of the bridge. Did I mention that it is the second highest railway arch bridge ever built in the United States???? 347 feet… plus it was built in 1929(85 year old bridge), plus no safety rails to stop you from falling off, plus it was raining, and kinda sippery, sooooooooo I was scared for my life. Thank you Abby & Jake for allowing me to take a couple portraits of you two. We ended the day with awesome Pho! 2014-04-16_00012014-04-16_00022014-04-16_00032014-04-16_0004DCIM100GOPRO2014-04-16_00052014-04-16_00062014-04-16_00072014-04-16_00082014-04-16_00092014-04-16_0010