Last summer I had a random call to go to Disneyland with my friend Jon from seattle. It was super last minute! Thanks to my friend Zachary back in Hawaii, he hooked me up with 1 free park hopper ticket! I was getting worried about how I’m gonna get there… but here comes my friend Julian to the rescue! I was able to get to Disneyland at a decent time to actually enjoy the rides. There was one thing that I was extremely excited for though…WORLD. OF. COLOR!!!!! This would be my first time watching this show, and on top of that I have my Camera!

      After the show I was Speechless… I couldn’t believe how Beautiful World of Color was. I looked at my friend Jon and said “One day I will watch World of Color with that Special Someone. Whoever she is, wherever she is… One Day”


      Major thanks to my friend who worked at The Hollywood Tower Hotel! So random running into you! Thank you for letting us ride it again, by ourselves! Also for the wonderful photo! You made our day even more awesome!