I always loved Seattle and Portland. Something about the two states just makes me feel so…comfortable. Maybe its the cold weather? The people? The rain? The Layers I can wear?? Not sure. I just love it!

      Me and my good friend Jon decided to visit the Space Needle first. I was amazed by the beautiful scenery of Seattle. I take my photographs… then I start noticing similar faces. I had already walked around the whole top of Space Needle within a couple minutes.

      I had a choice to go right, which would take me around the Space Needle again, or go left towards the exit. I wanted to go around one more time, but I felt a tug in my stomach to go left…

      We get near the door that goes back to the elevators, but I notice this couple hugging. It wasn’t just an ordinary hug… It was a “Will You Marry Me” Hug. I then realized they had no one photographing this moment. I slowly walked up to them, introduced myself, and kindly asked if I could take a couple portraits of them…

      Have you made someone’s day?