Meet Elvera,

      We crossed paths in the busy streets of New York City. You tend to get a lot of people coming up to you asking for things. Usually, everyone walks by with a “Get from point A to point B” mentality. I was guilty of getting used to that type of mentality and I guess you could say I was trying to “fit in” or trying to be a “New Yorker”…then Elvera got my attention.

      I just had a single shot Macchiato and was ready to continue my adventure around NYC. Right when I walk out of the Coffee Shop, an old Filipino Grandma with a cane tries to get my attention. I almost said “No thank you” because I thought she was trying to sell me something…

      but her request was different.

      “Would you be kind enough to walk me over to the bus stop? My leg is very weak. I just need someone to hold on to so I don’t fall over. The Doorman usually walks me to the bus stop but he isn’t here today” she said. “Of Course! I would love to!” I said.

      I looked up for a bus stop and it was only 10 seconds away. She grabs tightly to my arm and we begin to walk. With frequent stops due to her weak leg, and people rushing by almost hitting her over, we finally reach the bus stop 5 minutes later.

      I noticed a lot of construction happening around the bus stop. She would have to step off the curb and walk a couple seconds to actually reach the bus. Who would help her then?

      “What bus number do you need to take?” I asked. “32 is the easiest bus for me to take” she said. “I will wait with you until your bus arrives, and assist you up the stairs of the bus” I said. “Thank you very much Young Man” she said.

      After listening to her story for a couple minutes, her bus arrives. Again she grabs tightly to my arm and we begin to walk. Slowly but surely we get to the bus, I hold her cane, and help her up the stairs. “Thank You” she says, and the bus disappears into New York City Traffic.

      I then thought to myself… What if I passed her by and went on with my day?

      Thank you Elvera! You made my day.

      “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little” – Edmund Burke